Monday, November 26, 2012

Digital crack on the go!

Ms. Alessandra Sagredo over at Here Women Talk unearths some very disturbing statistics on mobile internet addiction via a study recently performed.

Her article can be found here: The Lure of Digital Crack; Smartphone Addicts | Here Women Talk

From the article:

With 200 participants, a few interesting points included: - 75% of participants admitted falling asleep with their iPhones - 69% said they were more likely to forget their wallets in the morning than their iPhones - 32% of those who were not yet a “confessed addict” expressed concern that they would become addicted some day...and my personal favorite… 41%  said that losing their iPhone would be “a tragedy”.
While the study may have focused on iPhones, this can easily apply to any mobile device.

Alessandra challenges her readers to see just how well they can do without their mobile devices and, honestly, I can't see myself without my phone for even an hour, let alone a day!

Be sure to head on over to Alessandra's blog and show her some love for a well written article!

The Lure of Digital Crack; Smartphone Addicts | Here Women Talk

Friday, November 23, 2012

It starts early

Came across a post in my G+ stream that I thought I'd share here. What caught my eye at first was not the informative article, (as it was written in Italian,) but rather the picture that accompanied the post. Honestly, last night's Thanksgiving dinner resembled a little bit of this image. Not quite as bad, but still...

The article, found here, has been painstakingly translated for you. (Go Google Translate app!) It details what children are now requesting as Christmas gifts. No, it's not dolls or on and discover what this year's hottest children gifts are going to be.

December is approaching and with it the holiday season, expectations for children and adults. Even the young people began to think about the gifts you want to receive, while the adults to set aside the money to finish the year with a bell'acquisto. But what are the most popular gadgets under the Christmas tree? The group Nielsen has conducted research on the example of some American children between the ages of 6 and 12 years, asking them to explain their desires for future gifts.

Based on the responses received, 48% of children surveyed (almost one out of two) has shown interest in the Apple iPad, 36% for an iPod touch or an iPad mini, while 33% already thinking about an iPhone. Also this year remains a "I Christmas" full of gifts from Apple, with a ranking that Cupertino sees the goods with a 4 out of 5 the highest steps of the podium, next to the new Nintendo Wii U. Given the age group that has been given to the investigation, we can see once again that the iOS platform is emerging in the gaming market, thanks to its extensive catalog of games in the App Store. But even the best do not seem to regret the products with Apple .

If we move towards an audience aged 13 years and older, the percentage change but Apple products hold good positions. Nielsen informs that more than one adult in five Americans (21%) is willing to purchase an iPad during the holidays, most of those who are willing to buy a computer (19%) or a tablet that is iPad (18%) . The iPhone increased to 14% and remained above the percentages of competition, stops at 12% - smartphone than iPhone - or 11% if we limit ourselves to only one segment Android - assuming then that there is a 1% of customers willing to purchase an iPhone and Android phone.

Even this Christmas season will be devoted to consumer electronics and video game devices, confirming a trend of steadily rising sales for these two sectors. Wait for the statements of the results of the last fiscal quarter of the year to find out which of the hi-tech companies that are preparing to race - Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Google, etc. - Will prevail.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If you're participating in any Black Friday shopping, please be safe, put away your mobile device, pay attention, and don't trample anyone, (or be trampled.)

Add "Mobile" to the title...

Everything the video talked about...everything...but in a fun sized gadget you can carry around with you everywhere you go.

In my opinion, mobile internet addiction is far worse that regular internet addiction as you can take your vice on the go and destroy your productivity and personal hobbies far more efficiently.

Take heed, my friends!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh the irony!!!

Here I am, starting up a blog about mobile Internet addiction, and the moment I try to view the blog on my mobile device I get this gem of a message:

Really, Chrome???

So I tried to view the blog on the Android application and I get the same message:

Oh, Come On!!!

I hit up a friend on G+ to view my blog on their mobile device and they were able to with no problems.

How ironic!

Now check this out:  I can create and edit blogs from my mobile device with no problems.  It's when I try to preview the blog or view an already published blog that I encounter this particular error message.  I tried viewing my blog using Chrome browser, native Android browser, Opera, Firefox, and go on any of them.  On a regular PC/laptop I can see the blogs with no problems whatsoever.

Maybe it's a setting particular to my device.  I don't know.  Could this be a message from on high that I should curb my mobile Internet addiction?  His Holiness The FSM sure works in mysterious ways.

Don't stare too may get turned into a  block of Parmesan cheese!

Feedback to the devs of the app and the Blogger website will be sent shortly.  More on this development as events warrant.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mobile Internet Addiction: A Personal Account Pt. 1

What is this?

It sounds like an internet meme, mobile Internet addiction.  I expected these words to be bolded up on a picture similar to Overly Attached Girlfriend, and Y U NO.  Yet, a quick Google search did not return quite as many articles on this topic as I expected.  I found a gazillion articles on internet addiction, and yet, the similarities between these two phenomena end at the word "addiction."  Maybe I'm uncovering a new phenomenon...perhaps many of you will read that last statement and tell me this has been going on for quite some time and it's nothing new.  Perhaps.  Yet, I don't find many people talking about this, let alone mental health professionals.

It's real.  It's pervasive.  It could be very dangerous.

I should know.  I'm living it.

In the beginning...

I can trace my beginnings with this phenomenon with my earliest introduction to the internet in the late 90's.  AOL, Prodigy, Yahoo!, et al...these were the once humble portals to untapped caches of information and worldwide connectivity that hard-wire telephones could never be.  The sound of a 2400 baud modem connecting to the 'net was a very reassuring sound that signaled unparalleled anticipation and excitement for what awaited for me on a Windows 3.1 machine and that bulky 14" CRT monitors running at max 800X600 resolution.  I couldn't wait for that final _screeeeeech_ sound to end, signifying a successfull connection and the ever famouns AOL "you got mail!" sound eminating from the tinny PC speaker, alerting me that my virtual pen pal has replied to my earlier message.

Back in the 80's I had actual paper pen pals, people with whom I corresponded with actual paper and pen letters, folded and stuffed in paper envelopes, sent via first class postal service, a seldom-used service currently used for nothing more than Chinese take-out coupons and the ever popular debt collection letter.  Back then delivery times ranged from 3 to 5 days for continental US deliveries to upwards of 3 weeks for international mail.  Then the person at the receiving end had to read the letter, pen their response, stuff their message in another envelope, and send it back.  Weeks could pass by before receiving a reply.  Long distance relationships were hell back in the day!

This was me everyday circa 1984-1989

(Sure, there was the telephone, but long distance calling then was an expensive endeavor, one to be used only in the direst of emergencies, unless you subscribed to MCI's "Friends and Family" program, which my friends and family did not.)

Now, information is shared in real time electronically via the internet through email, instant messaging, social networking, and SMS (text) messaging.  No more does one have to wait weeks for a reply...nowadays if a reply is not heard within 5 minutes desperation sets in.

(Telephone?  Nowadays long distance calling is free on landlines and mobile devices.  Didn't get an answer to your text in 5 minutes?  Call that person and find out what the holdup is?  (The only acceptable answer is that person is either mortally injured or their phone battery totally drained-and even then this last one was rather flimsy.))

Now that I've rambled on, you may ask yourself "what does all this have to do with mobile internet addiction?"  I shall elaborate more.

From those humble beginnings, instant information gratification and global communication access started to take a hold of me.  I was almost immediately hooked on that modem "SCREECH" sound and the feeling of relief when it would stop, indicating to me a successful connection was established.  AOL and Prodigy were my introduction to the Internet, and the sound of "You've Got Mail!" emanating from the tinny PC speaker was like a drug.  I was hooked.  

I had soooo many AOL cd-roms...they made great throwing stars!!!

I didn't think just how bad I got hooked on AOL until I found myself installing it on a work PC so that I could have access to it during work hours.  This, my friends, is the beginning of my Internet addiction...and it culminates to my current mobile Internet addiction. be continued next week...

Welcome to Mobile Internet Anonymous

Welcome everyone to Mobile Internet Anonymous!

This blog is dedicated to those individuals who just cannot leave home without their latest Internet-connected smart phone/tablet/netbook/laptop; to those that have to have the latest and greatest bit of information delivered to them whenever/wherever they may be.  While those afflicted by this condition may not think too much of their obsession, it can become quite unhealthy for them as well as those around them.

It is hoped that this blog will provide mobile Internet addicted people with information and resources to help them better manage their addiction to a more tolerable and livable level.
While the tone of this blog may be tongue-in-cheek, and certainly the majority of the posts may be on the funny side, there will be many stories and articles posted that will highlight this phenomenon and provide information on ways to manage it and avoid having it control important aspects of a person's life.

If you have a funny or serious story to tell about your mobile Internet addiction, or find a funny or serious picture that highlights mobile Internet addiction at its fines, you can send it to my email address by clicking here and, once reviewed, it will be shared with the public.  (Names will be changed to maintain anonymity.)

I plan to update this blog at least once a week on Monday evenings or Tuesday mornings; however, additional blog entries will be made as material is located.  There will be a minimum of one blog entry per week, that I am sure of!

You can follow this blog via RSS feed, or follow me either on Twitter and/or Google+.  

Thank you and enjoy!!!